Fees and Insurance

For all new members there is a ‘Joining Fee’ which includes membership to our National Governing Body (British Gymnastics). The Joining Fee is £11 for Under 5s and £17 for over 5s. Membership to British Gymnastics is mandatory for all participants (including gymnasts, coaches, judges & volunteers). View British Gymnastics website. British Gymnastics define the membership period from 1st Oct to 30th Sept and all memberships must be renewed on 1st Oct each year.

Little Stars Gymnastics

Fees for Little Stars classes are £30 per month payable by Bank Standing Order on the 1st of each month.

5+ Gymnastics Classes


Fees for beginner level gymnasts training 1 hour a week are £7.50 a week/£30 per month.
Fees for gymnasts invited to partake in a 2 hour class are £12 a week/£48 per month.

All fees are to be paid by Bank Standing Order on the 1st of each month.